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     Wood from the Horner Flooring Co.  

Stump Thrust System
Designed and developed in Australia by ASF Horner it is the most technically advanced, independently sprung, sports flooring system available. Stump Thrust specifically caters for all sporting and multi-use requirements. This floor is designed to for high point loads while showing considerable attention to DIN Standard 18032 (part2).

Sleeper Subfloor System
The Sleeper Subfloor System has the same cushioned sleepers, plus a 15/32" sheathing plywood surface nailed on top of the sleepers to provide added stability and strength.  The subfloor helps eliminate "dead spots".

Safe Panel System
The Safe Panel System incorporates two layers of either 15/32" sheathing grade plywood or 7/16" OSB with the SAFE pads stapled to the bottom layer.  This system provides for an even greater degree of fine tuning of the performance characteristics by altering the spacing between the layers of plywood.

Vari-Cushion System
Vari-Cushion is a specially-designed cushion sport flooring system.  A continuous layer of 1/4" polyethylene foam supports the ever-popular Thrust-A-Cushion pads, providing two distinct levels of shock absorption.  Light loads only compress the polyethylene foam, while heavier loads compress both foam and Thrust-A-Cushion pads.  The transfer of forces takes place smoothly and energy is returned to the participant in an efficient manner.

An all-wooden subfloor assembly that provides uniform resiliency, excellent shock absorption, and a high level of energy return.  The actual level of shock absorption can be controlled by adjusting the spacing between the 1" x 6" 's (nominal).  The system will provide the desired level of resiliency for any activity, from basketball to aerobics.

Fixed Sleeper System
Fixed Sleeper Floor System is the oldest proven maple sports flooring system available, and is designed for high performance, resiliency, and reliability.  2" x 4" (nominal) sleepers are anchored to a concrete slab, and a 1" x 6" (nominal) subfloor is laid at an angle on top of the sleepers.  This arrangement allows for uniform air circulation, reducing the possibility of buckling and cupping brought on by excessive moisture buildup.

Learn more about Horner at www.hornerflooring.com