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     Skating Rinks - Specifications  

Keep A Great New Floor Great

As a rink owner, you can count on refinishing your rink at least once a year - and that's if you follow a good daily maintenance program! To keep you floor looking great, plan on an annual "face-lift."

Just as it takes an expert to install a quality floor system, we believe that same expert is your best guarantee in maintaining the quality of your investment.

The Wall family has been the undisputed leader in construction of maple floors for over 30 years. With a history of quality craftsmanship, we are your best choice for maintenance and refinishing. Our annual service contracts guarantee that the "new" stays in your floor investment, which means no more guessing when or what kind of maintenance is required to permanently keep your floor in its best condition. Tradition and smoothness stay consistent from day one - the most important factors in repeat patronage.

A sound maintenance program and annual service assure a quality skateable surface. Properly scheduled maintenance is absolutely essential in prolonging the life of the floor, and also means protection of your rink floor investment for years to come.

Limited Warranty

Floor Systems, Inc. in conjunction with the manufacturers of products used for your floor, guarantee the material and workmanship for a one (1) year period from the date of installation. Any defect arising from workmanship or materials will be corrected free of charge subject to the condition described as follows: Floor is to be used for its intended purpose. Floor must be maintained according to industry standards and as described in MFMA Care Card. Warranty does not cover abuse, faulty construction of building, separation of slab, or failure of other contractors to meet specifications, normal wear and tear, fire, water or chemical reactions, improper ventilation, excessive moisture or dryness.


Sub Floor - The General Contractor or the Owner shall furnish the concrete or asphalt sub floor, troweled smooth and level with the maximum variance not to be more than 1/8" in any twenty (20) foot diameter. The complete area under the entire designated rink floor space shall be damp proof. Taking into consideration the terrain, soil texture and elevation of the rink floor above the surrounding area. It is desirable that the area surrounding the building slope away or that adequate drainage be provided at the entire building perimeter.

Working Conditions - The Owner shall turn over sub floor; fully cured (45 days minimum for concrete) broom clean and with all general lighting ceilings, and painting work completed so as floor can be installed without interrupting building temperature of 65 degrees and relative humidity of less than 50%. This should be maintained one week prior to installation and from then on.

Installation -  The Free Floating Floor System can be specifically designed for your needs and budget. However the basics of what makes this system unequaled by any others are incorporated in every installation. Each floor begins by scaling the sub base slab with a layer of Cold Floor Asphalt to protect the floor from moisture. Then for additional moisture protection and sound proofing, a 1/2" layer of Styrene covers the entire floor area. Next a double layer of Plywood (Waferwood and Hemlock can be used) is installed to provide a solid nailing base. Finally the Maple Hardwood is laid and nailed individually in the patter (Log Cabin, Fan Shape, or Rotunda) selected. When flooring is completely installed, the entire surface is finely sanded several times, and specified floor coatings are applied. Then floor is ready for use in 2 to 3 days.