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     Skating Rinks  

Let the Wall Family put three generations of expertise into constructing your floor.

The main attraction at every rink is the skating floor. Maple has been found to be the best skating surface because, in addition to its natural beauty, its durable, non-splintering, and closely-grained surface will withstand thousands of hours of happy skating.

Our Northern Hardwood Maple offers the best traction, smoothness, and quietness - the features which bring repeat customers. Additionally, the floor can be kept "new" by our excellent maintenance and service program - without any down time or lost revenues.

We are the Wall family of floors, and have been bringing skaters back to rinks for the last three generations by installing and maintaining top quality maple floors. Our insistence upon high quality standards, combined with a thorough knowledge of the secrets of our craft, have earned us a solid reputation for excellence throughout the industry.

In addition to the special techniques we use to install, finish, and seal the maple itself, we have developed a unique system - the Wall Free Floating Floor System.

By separating the elements of the substructure, we actually create a free-floating floor. The surface evenly expands and contracts, and our special underlayment technique makes our floor the quietest and most resilient in the industry.

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