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Uni-Turf is the original pure vinyl synthetic athletic surface. It has been field-tested over the last 30 years in thousands of installations worldwide. Installations include gymnasiums, tennis clubs, schools, universities and military installations among others. In fact, many of our original installations are still in use today. Basketball, volleyball, track and field events, tennis and badminton are just a few of the many sports that are played on Uni-Turf every day.

Manufactured in the USA under tightly controlled conditions and subjected to a rigorous quality control program before leaving the factory, Uni-Turf is not prone to the problems that plague poured in place systems which are manufactured on site. Uni-Turf has no variations in thickness that can mean inconsistencies in performance and play.

Uni-Turf is available in two surface textures. Stipple (smooth) is designed for basketball and volleyball. It can also be used in areas that perform double duty as gymnasiums and cafeterias or auditoriums. Eldarado (embossed) is engineered for field houses where an excellent tennis and spike resistant track surface is required.

Both Uni-Turf textures are available in a variety of standard colors. Special colors are also available in minimum quantities upon request. The color is uniform all through the material thereby eliminating the possibility of wearing through the color as in some other athletic surfaces. Uni-Turf is unaffected by many chemicals, foods, acids, bacteria and fungus. These characteristics combine to deliver a durable, versatile and aesthetically pleasing sport floor.

Uni-Turf's resistance to soiling and scuff marks combined with a scheduled maintenance program, will result in easy cleaning and lower maintenance costs. Occasional coatings and waxes are not required.

Uni-Turf can bee installed over concrete, asphalt, plywood and asphaltic concrete. It is excellent for overlaying existing floors such as vinyl asbestos tile and poured urethane, thereby eliminating the need for costly removal and disposal of potentially hazardous materials.

Uni-Turf has been delivering performance, safety and durability at an economical price for more than a quarter century.

Uni-Turf & Alpha-Sport Colors (All colors are available in both textures)