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Matéflex Modular

Roll With The Best...From Like few other sports, Inline Hockey demands an extremely high level of performance from the players... and from the surface beneath their skates. That's why you need a real pro performer like Matéflex to keep your game rolling right.

The Floor That Can Weather Any Storm.

The Matéflex III outdoor tile features a high-density rib pattern for tremendous durability under the most demanding conditions. With its rugged construction and robust composition, this tile is able to withstand a sustained load of 16,000 pounds per square foot. What's more, Matéflex III's innovative flow-through design allows rainwater and other liquids to drain quickly and completely...before they can become a safety hazard under foot. That's what makes this modular surface a safe bet for a variety of sporting applications.


But the real beauty of Matéflex is in how it all comes together. The tile's positive snap lock system provides for easy assembly, with no adhesives needed. Matéflex is fully modular, so it can be dismantled for transport to another location or to allow base floor maintenance. It also offers 14 standard colors, with custom colors available for special installations. And because Matéflex is ultraviolet stabilized and mildew resistant, it will hold on to its good looks for a good long time.


  • Dry, non-skid traction, rain or shine
  • Solid & ribbed designs
  • Low-glare finish that stays cool on hot days
  • Extreme durability and consistent performance over life of court
  • No routine maintenance needed
  • Easy access to base beneath
  • Full portability - may be broken down and reassembled in another location
  • Available in 14 standard colors (custom colors are also available)
  • Fungus, mildew, and bacteria resistance


  • Size: 12" x 12" x1/2"
  • Weight: Model III: .7 lbs/sq. ft. - Model III-S: .9lbs/sq. ft.
  • Materials: Custom-blended polypropylene and EVA with incorporated stabilizers
  • Pattern: Model III: Triangular grid openings - Model III-S Smooth, solid surface
  • Service Range: -50 to +275 degrees F
  • Support: Model III: 481 - Model III-S: 841 gusseted support legs
  • Static Loading: 16,000 lbs./sq. ft.
  • Model III Expansion Joint: 6 expansion joints divided into 2 groups running perpendicular to each other
  • Locks: 32 latch locks; 2 sides with 8 male parts each and 2 sides with 8 female parts each
  • Xenon ARC Weatherometer: 15,000 hrs.
  • Matéflex offers a ten year limited warranty.